“Stumbling” into blessings

30 01 2007


Although Ruth started out for one destination, she stumbled into another. Her plan was to pick leftover grain, but she happened to ‘light on a part of the field’ (Ruth 2:3) belonging to Boaz, and it changed her life. When Boaz called her name, she came from the background to a place of blessing in the foreground. That’s how quickly it can happen! Ruth’s life had been spiralling downward. Her husband had died. She’d left her old home, and wasn’t accepted in her new one. She was in survival mode, making the best of a bad job by gleaning just enough to stay alive. Then God turned things around! The reapers began deliberately dropping handfuls of wheat in her path. She started picking up undeserved blessings. Did you know that God can leave you ‘a breadcrumb trail’? After struggling so long just to get by, He’ll begin to drop blessings into your path, and all you have to do is keep following. Even though the odds might seem against you today, don’t let satan push you back. You’ve been through too much to be intimidated by him. You’re about to come into a blessing that’ll change your life. ‘…along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them…’ (Isaiah 42:16 NIV). God can let you ‘stumble’ into good things; to show up at the right place, at the right time, and meet the right person with the right answer. He has a way of ‘tripping’ us into blessing. (Word for Today – UCB.co.uk)




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