Cheltenham Literature Festival – Coutts Sponsors Inspirational Women

7 10 2009

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the iconic Cheltenham Literature festival, the Cheltenham office of Coutts has announced its support of the Inspirational Women event on Sunday 11th October.

Featuring Caitlin Moran, Sarah Vine and Sue MacGregor, the seminar explores who the women whom other women admire are, including the extraordinary figures who motivate and inspire us. The panel of leading women consider the women who spurred them on to success and explore the importance of female role models.

The Cheltenham festival is the world’s oldest literature festival having been founded in 1949 and in its time having witnessed many political and cultural changes. In 2009 the festival’s seminars will not only to talk about the past, but also look forward to the future. Topics will cover history, politics and medicine, looking at what got people talking, what events changed the course of history and people’s lives in the past six decades, and what the future holds.

Held from 9 to 18 October 2009 at the Cheltenham Town Hall, click here for more information.




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