5 things you need to know about Amazon Kindle

10 10 2009

5 things you need to know about Amazon Kindle

07 OCT 2009

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle – get in the know

It’s available in the UK – sort of
Even though Amazon today announced that its long-awaited Kindle would finally be available in the UK, fans of the best-specced eBook reader around will still have to order via the US.

That means a $279 price tag, plus $45 import tax – not forgetting that it’ll have a US adapter. Amazon has said that there are plans for a UK-centric Kindle experience in the future.

It is big and it is clever
The Kindle is the first eBook reader to come to the UK with built-in 3G connectivity. This means that it laughs in the face of hotspots and can download one of Amazon’s 250,000 titles whenever the fancy takes you. Its 2GB storage also means that it can hold up to 1,500 books – more than enough for your daily commute.

It can also handle pinging around Word docs and emails if all the reading gets too much for you.

It’s like having a tiny Richard Littlejohn in your pocket
Thanks to its 3G connectivity, the Kindle is able to download regular subscriptions of newspapers including The Daily Mail. Of course, if you prefer your eBook to be a little less reactionary, you can always download The Telegraph or The Times instead. There’ll be downloadable versions of magazines available in the near future too.

It can read you a bedtime story
As well as all its 3G smarts, the Kindle also features an experimental Read-To-Me text to speech feature. So you can get Goldilocks and The Three Bears Read to you (albeit in a Stephen Hawking-esque voice) when you go bye-byes.

It’s being followed by a big brother

A spokesman for Amazon has confirmed that the Kindle’s big brother, the 9.7-inch Kindle DX is planned for international roll-out in the future. Good news for those who like their eBook readers to resemble an actual newspaper.




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