Richard Hammond in wheel hell

11 10 2009
11 October 2009
Nick Dorman

Top Gear star Richard Hammond has revealed that all five of his cars are broken.

His £110,000 Morgan Aeromax is off the road since a prang in August.

Richard, 39, said: “They only built 100 and I am the first person to crash one.”

He told fans at the Cheltenham Literature Festival near his mock castle home in Gloucestershire: “Oliver, the 1963 Opel Kadett I drove across Botswana, is broken.

“So is my 1957 Land Rover Series 1, my 1959 Series 2, my 1984 Land Rover Defender V6 – I’ve broken the suspension.

“Then there’s my 1968 Mustang ST – the head gasket has gone.”

Dad-of-two Richard – dubbed the Hamster by his BBC co-star Jeremy Clarkson – admitted the only motor in the family left in action is the Land Rover his wife Mindy, 38, runs.

Richard narrowly escaped death in 2006 when he crashed a jet-propelled car he was driving for the show.

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