Stephen Fry talks about Last Chance to See at Cheltenham Lit Festival

16 10 2009

12:30pm Wednesday 14th October 2009

Review of Stephen Fry and Mark Carwardine At The Centaur, Cheltenham Racecourse on Saturday, October 10 STEPHEN Fry laughed, cringed and nearly cried as he and conservationist Mark Carwardine narrated their way through their search for endangered animals, as part of the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

Unusual, ugly and dangerous animals, all on the brink of extinction, are the topic of a new book and BBC Two television series, Last Chance to See.

A highlight of the evening was a clip of a Kakapo, an endangered but frisky parrot, which took a surprising fancy to the back of Carwardine’s head.

Though less well-known, Carwardine captured the audience as he spoke with passion about conservation and exotic creatures.

A cruelly entertaining moment was when Fry described how he stepped off a boat in the Amazon and missed the platform, landing painfully on his arm.

He had broken it badly and while watching a clip of himself lying on his back in utter helplessness, Fry had to cover his eyes as the sheer cringeworthy pain of the break was played over to a laughing audience.

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Books by Stephen Fry on Amazon

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