Together We Can Change The World

2 11 2009

Together We Can Change The World… what began as a single dream in 2002 has grown into a multitude of people all over the world united by a single belief that TOGETHER we can make a massive impact on the world.

We believe we can offer hope to anyone… We believe we can offer a helping hand to those who need it… We believe we have the choice to create the kind of world we live in… We believe we can create a tidal wave of goodness that will carry everyone to a better place. We believe each person has the power to create the life they envision.

Every division of our company, Together We Can Change The World, Inc., has been designed to have an impact on the world. What began as a mission to provide funding for charitable organizations all around the world has turned into a movement of vast proportions that is growing explosively.

There is so much division and separation in our world. People are separated by beliefs, by politics, by race, by religion… This separation and division are the cause of most of the problems in our world today. People can’t work together to solve problems because they are too busy focusing on how they are different. The truth is that people have many more similarities than differences.

Together We Can Change The World has reached beyond the divide and united Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, New Age, Atheist, Agnostic…We embrace Black, White, Indian, Asian, Hispanic… We welcome a vast array of political beliefs… We welcome all sexual identities. We simply welcome PEOPLE – people who believe that by combining our gifts and hearts to make a difference , we can have a massive impact on our world.

This website is a portal into all the divisions that comprise who we are. Now that you know our heart and goals, I hope you will explore what we offer here and find what resonates with you. Very few of us have the resources to make a big difference on our own. But our small efforts, combined with the small efforts of millions will create a tidal wave of goodness that will sweep the globe.

Thank you for joining us on our adventure!

Ginny Dye

Together We Can Change The World, Inc.

Come and be a World Changer join 5 Million for Change.

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