21 Stats to Keep in Mind This Holiday Season

13 11 2009

By Chris Crum – Wed, 11/11/2009 – 1:43pm.

Online Presence Plays a Critical Role in Sales

Deloitte released the results of a new survey looking at holiday retail spending and trends. Social media, mobile phones, and online reviews are playing increasingly big parts in the lives and shopping habits of consumers.

“Consumers are turning to mobile, online and social media during their entire holiday shopping experience,” said Stacy Janiak, vice chairman and Deloitte’s U.S. Retail leader. “Retailers should consider harnessing this activity to turn browsers into buyers with one-click access to coupons, promotions and purchasing tools.”

“This year’s leaner in-store inventories may also open the door for retailers to lure customers to their online channels where it is easier to access inventory, no matter where it is located,” added Janiak.

The following 21 stats come from Deloitte’s findings.

1. 7 percent of consumers plan to use social media during their holiday shopping

2. 60 percent plan to use it to find discounts, coupons and sales information

3. 53 percent plan to use social media to research gift ideas, while 52 percent plan to check the gift wish lists of friends and family

4. 52 percent of those who expect to use social media during the shopping process are in the 18-29 years old age group

5. 33 percent are in the 30-44 years old age group

6. 12 percent are in the 45-60 years old age group

7. 19 percent plan to use mobile phones to help with their holiday shopping

8. 55 percent of them will use mobile to find store locations

9. 45 percent will use mobile to research prices

10. 40 percent will use mobile to find product information

11. 32 percent will use mobile to get discounts and coupons

12. 31 percent will use mobile to read reviews

13. 25 percent plan to make a holiday purchase with their phone.

14. 22 percent say they will shop primarily online this year

15. 44 percent of shoppers expect to use a coupon they get online

16. 39 percent of consumers indicate they often read consumer-generated reviews of stores or products online

17. 25 percent say they will likely purchase a product this holiday season based on an online recommendation

18. 34 percent say that online consumer reviews and ratings influence their buying decisions more than advertising

19. 48 percent say they like the convenience of shopping with multi-channel retailers

20. 78 percent indicate they have purchased an item in a retailer’s store after viewing or researching the product online

21. 65 percent have purchased an item on a retailer’s website after viewing it in the store or catalog

The survey was commissioned by Deloitte and conducted online by an independent research company between September 24 and October 2. The survey polled a sample of 10,878 consumers and has a margin of error for the entire sample of plus or minus one percentage point, according to the firm.

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