21 Tips for a better lifestyle

23 11 2009
21 Tips for a better lifestyle
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1. Give the necessary importance to healthy eating:

It is important for the overall proper functioning of your body, health and beauty of individual organs and parts of the body such as muscles, skin, hair, nails, etc.

2. Never forget breakfast

Start your day with a rich, balanced meal that will keep you full of energy until you eat at lunchtime.

3. Drink plenty of water

If possible, replace any type of soft drink with water. It is far better for the body, helps digestion; it is fat burner and does not cause cellulite, such as various carbon drinks.

4. Decide, after mature reflection, what you eat and why

Choose healthy foods that provide your organism with beneficial nutrients and minimize the consumption of junk food.

5. Prefer to eat foods that can be «burned» easy

Avoid the fat and whenever you need to «fool» your stomach with something, eat fruit or fruit salad. Regulate your weight with healthy weight loss tips and make sure that you do not do follow any miracle weight loss diet that can do badly for your health.

6. Fight the emotional consumption of food

Each time you encounter a problem, show determination, not defeatism expressed by a raid on the refrigerator.

7. Face exercise as something fun

Do not think that this is something you should do by force. Exercise is lifestyle and the benefits of exercise are a lot for you and not for others.

8. Start your day with a good mood

Each morning stimulate your mind with things that create you a positive mood. Listen to music, read something fun, and talk on the phone with your loved ones. The beginning of the day is very important. If you have a good mood, any difficulty or problem will be dealt calmly and in proper physiological dimensions.

9. Minimize the consumption of caffeine as much as possible

The ideal scenario would be to drop altogether the habit of coffee. Coffee can have some benefits but it can also be the cause of migraine headaches and other health problems. The tea is a good alternative.

10. Do not surrender to the daily routine

Wake up every morning thinking that today you will do something great. Do not frown and do not let yourself be put in the logic of the routine. Read here about Living in Interior Alaska to get some ideas on what you can do to life your day happy.

11. Stop your personal moratorium

Put goals and create a plan for achieving them.

12. Focus on your short-term goals

Avoid asking setting too difficult and ambitious goals. Give priority to the most short and achievable goals, taking care to meet them day-by-day.

13. Keep a daily program

Note all the jobs and tasks you have to make, starting with those you have already done so, those that should be done and certainly those not yet completed.

14. Revise your plans

At the end of each day make a summary of what you already did and then organize the next business day according to the degree of importance of each task.

15. Try to follow your schedule

Especially when it involves relaxation and personal time for you. The job or obligations are not more important than us.

16. Stay faithful to your good habits

Never change your pace by adopting unhealthy lifestyles because you are on vacation. It is this period you should be more careful.

17. Base your health in the right bases

Learn to handle your health as a privilege (to be caring and to ensure), and not as something given. There are a lot of health secrets you must know about.

18. Lead by example

Encourage friends and acquaintances to exercise with you or encourage all those who say they want but do not take the decision to start exercising.

19. Be informed of new developments in the area of health, exercise and fitness

Seek to be informed regularly about new techniques or ways of exercising. If you want to follow a weight loss plan have a look of what is available to help you. For example fat loss 4 idiots is a good way to start.

20. Avoid the monotony

The variety is always more interesting, so it is good to deal with different types of exercise. This certainly applies to other areas of your life as well.

21. Put vitamins in your life

In consultation with your doctor, taking vitamins daily will improve your strength and «build» your defences.

Dare and not rest: There are thousands of new and wonderful things out there waiting to be discovered. And do not forget that your whole life can be healthy only when it is healthy in mind, the soul and your body.






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