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3 12 2009

Amazon Kindle review

30 NOV 2009

Launch price £203.00

Stuff says

Not the subtlest way into ebooks but, for Amazonians, the Kindle’s perfect

* * * * * hot buy

  • Pros Easy wireless downloading. Build quality and experience
  • Cons Garish looks. Big for its screen size. Locked into Amazon

Ah, it’s arrived then. Variously described as both the ‘iPod of books’ and the death of books, the Kindle is online superstore Amazon’s ereader system.

We say system, not device, for although this gadget is called the Kindle 2, it’s part of an expanding infrastructure of Kindle services, including software for iPhone and PC. (Mac soon, too, we’re told.)

Kindle plug
Previously unavailable in the UK, this is the Kindle Global Wireless version that works in the UK, but is posted from the US.

Consequently, it comes with a US plug, which isn’t really as much of a problem as some critics have made out. The plug itself is merely a USB power adaptor.

You can either plug the Kindle into your computer, a UK USB power adaptor or a get a US-UK adaptor for the Kindle’s own end. Many options; no problem.

Sleek design
Anyway, the Kindle. It is beautifully built and packaged. It comes in minimalist recyclable cardboard packaging, with story book design touches.

On opening the box, you find that the Kindle is already on, displaying a screen telling you how to plug it in and get started. Nice touch; e-ink screen, so no fears about it running out of battery in the post.

Also, because you buy the Kindle through your Amazon account, it comes set-up, even with your name at the top of the home screen. Small things, perhaps, but in comparison to a Sony Reader, which won’t do much of anything until you plug it into a PC, big differences.

Books over the air
The Kindle has another major advantage over ereaders that are slaved to a PC – a 3G SIM card. This allows you to browse the Kindle store, buy and download entire books in seconds, and also subscribe to daily, weekly or monthly newspaper and magazine feeds.

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