Top 10 Blu-ray discs – gadget reviews

3 12 2009

TOP 10s

Blu-ray discs

01 Wall-E (Blu-ray) £17.00

Stuff says

Has Pixar retained its inventive edge after Disney’s takeover? It most certainly has…

* * * * *

02 James Bond Blu-ray Collection £80.00

* * * * *

This carefully remastered box set features some of Bond’s finest outings. But do they make great Blu-rays?

Cormack McCarthy’s twisted novel gets the Coen Brothers treatment, with nerve-shredding results…

04 Apocalypto (Blu-ray) £18.00

* * * * *

Mel Gibson breaks out the fake blood and loincloths to weave a Mayan yarn in this stunning Blu-ray

05 There Will Be Blood (Blu-ray) £17.00

* * * * *

There Will Be Blood was our favourite film of 2008. Will it be our favourite Blu-ray as well?

06 Planet Earth (Blu-ray) £50.00

* * * * *

Planet Earth is one of the most visually impressive things we’ve ever seen. And there’s not one special effect either…

Far from being the world’s worst ‘whodunnit’, this is a restrained and stylish tale about the most famous outlaw gang in history

08 Son of Rambow (Blu-ray) £16.00

* * * * *

Son of Rambow is a charming, rites-of-passage story. But is it a Blu-ray must-have?

09 Batman Begins (Blu-ray) £17.00

* * * * *

A once-doomed franchise is given new life in this gritty, menacing and enjoyable action flick

10 Transformers (Blu-ray) £16.00

* * * *

Michael Bay brings your childhood memories of Transformers to explosive, high-definition life on this impressive Blu-ray

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