Top 10 Camcorders – Camera reviews

6 12 2009


01 Sony HDR-XR520VE review £880.00

Sony HDR-XR520VE

Stuff says

Sony’s Full HD, 240GB camcorder has GPS to track where you film. But can it justify its painful price tag?

* * * * *

02 Canon LEGRIA HF S10 review £1,095.00

* * * * *

Packed with pro-style features, Full HD and dual flash recording, could the HF S10 be the best high-def cam yet?

03 Panasonic HDC-TM300 £810.00

* * * * *

A mix of Full HD, 10.6MP stills and 32GB flash storage make this Panny hot property. But is there a problem lurking in the shadows?

04 Canon HF10 £715.00

* * * * *

The HF10 is almost as small as Panny’s SD9 but packs 16GB of flash. Has Canon found the perfect HD camcorder compromise?

05 Canon HV30 £705.00

* * * * *

Mini DV tape isn’t dead yet and this Canon is here to prove it. But is it just a rehash of last year’s model?

06 Sony HDR-TG7E review £610.00

* * * * *

Sony HDR-TG7E Stylish and slinky, this Full HD cam packs GPS for video geotagging. Is it the world’s best pocket camcorder?

07 Kodak Zx1 review £115.00

* * * * *

Kodak Zx1 It’ll happily survive a barrage of rain, sand and dirt – but can Kodak’s latest 720p HD pocket camcorder resist rivals from Flip and Creative?

08 Flip Mino HD £135.00

* * * *

The new Flip has added 720p video to its armoury. Can it gun down the Kodak Zi6 or Creative Vado HD?

09 Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2000 £330.00

* * * *

Sanyo’s latest Full HD, 8 megapixel camcorder has Sony and Canon in its sights. Let battle commence…

10 Samsung HMX-R10 review £280.00

* * * *

Samsung HMX-R10 Will a unique design and HD timelapse mode be enough to make this pocket-sized shooter stand out from the crowd?

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