Top 10 Camera accessories – Camera reviews

6 12 2009

Camera accessories

01 Joby Gorillapod Original £20.00

Stuff says

It’s one of the weirdest looking gadgets ever but Gorillapod promises to banish traditional tripods to the history books with its bendable, wrap-around legs

* * * * *

02 Tamron AF18-250mm £400.00

* * * * *

Swapping lenses is a thing of the past – say hello to the Tamron 18-250mm for DSLRs, with a stonking 14x zoom

Nikon’s superzoom is the priciest you can find – is it worth the outlay, or should you be saving your pennies for beer and poker?

04 Manfrotto Tripod £50.00

* * * * *

A good tripod is an essential for any camera bag, and Manfrotto’s effort is more versatile and portable than most.

05 Epson P-5000 £500.00

* * * * *

Taking more pictures than a Japanese tourist? Then get yourself this 80GB photo viewer and carry on snapping, our shutterbug friend

06 Philips 9FF2M4 £190.00

* * * *

Still printing your snaps and putting them in frames? Time you got a digital photo frame – like this 7in Philips, complete with editing software

07 Metz 28 CS-2 Digital £100.00

* * * *

Is your camera’s on board flash weedier than a Woodbine in a wind tunnel? Time to reclaim the night with this diddy add-on for compacts from pro flash gun kings, Metz

Now you can go wide-angle with an Olympus Four Thirds DSLR – just as long as you can stump up over a grand. Ouch!

Nikon and Crumpler combine to create ‘The That’ camera bag. As George Foreman would say, it’s so good, they put both their names on it

10 Sony GPS-CS1 £100.00

* * * *

You wake wearing a bin liner and a vague recollection of dancing La Macarena in your underwear. Not to worry – your geotagging Sony GPS-CS1 will have the location of every sordid snap you took

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