Top 10 Digital SLRs – Camera reviews

6 12 2009

Digital SLRs

01 Canon EOS 1000D £580 (with IS lens)

Stuff says

Canon’s splashed into shallow end of the DSLR pool again with an entry-level model based on the 450D. Will it win gold or need water wings?

* * * * *

02 Nikon D700 £2,000.00

* * * * *

Nikon is looking to continue its fine DSLR form with this full-frame stunner But how does measure up next to the D3?

03 Canon EOS 450D (18-55mm IS lens)

* * * * *

Live View, fast continuous shooting and a huge LCD make the 450D an exciting proposition. Can it live up to the hype?

04 Nikon D90 £700.00

* * * * *

The successor to Nikon’s celebrated D80 has arrived. Can the D90 maintain the class-leading standards?

05 Nikon D60 £450 body only

* * * * *

The new kid on the budget DSLR block punches well above its weight. Can it deliver a haymaker to Olympus’ E-410?

06 Canon EOS 40D £790.00

* * * * *

We had our eyes on Nikon’s awesome-looking D300 – but Canon’s 40D has distracted us by offering similar specs for substantially less cash

07 Nikon D300 £1,300 body only

* * * * *

There’s nothing semi-pro about Nikon’s D300 – it’s a heavy hitter that even the best would be happy with

08 Olympus E-3 £1,000 (body only)

* * * * *

After a half-decade hiatus, Olympus finally has a new pro SLR. But has it been left behind by the competition?

09 Sony DSLR-A900 review £1,700.00

* * * *

Sony DSLR-A900 Sony gets serious about DSLR with this full frame prosumer flagship. Should Nikon and Canon be looking over their shoulders?

10 Pentax K200D £500.00

* * * *

It’s a plain Jane, but the K200D promises decent performance and sturdy build at a reasonable price

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