Top 10 Gifts under £100 – gadget reviews –

6 12 2009

Gifts under £100

01 Sennheiser CX95 £80.00

Stuff says

A lot of headphones expose the flaws in downloaded tunes. The CX95s make them sound better than they should…

* * * * *

02 Flip Video Ultra £100.00

* * * * *

The Flip lets you shoot and upload video faster than you can say ‘please don’t put that on YouTube’. But is it better than the Creative Vado?

Going somewhere? Want to make sure your gadgets don’t run out of juice? You’ll be needing a Powermonkey Explorer

04 Roberts SolarDAB £80.00

* * * * *

Roberts’ latest DAB radio promises to turn sunlight into sweet digital radio waves. Is it a ray of sunshine?

05 Korg Mini KP £100.00

* * * * *

Idly listening to music in your favourite easy chair is all well and good, but this Korg effects tool lets you twist, mash up and ruin your favourite tunes at will

06 Polaroid PoGo £100.00

* * * *

Polaroid’s 21st century answer to its eponymous instant camera prints straight from your phone without ink. But is it iconic enough to inspire its own song lyric?

07 Intempo Rebel £70.00

* * * *

Intempo Rebel The mischievous Rebel turns radio into chatter-free MP3s for your iPod. Could it spell the end of your iTunes account?

08 Sony PlayTV £70.00

* * * *

Sony’s much-delayed, much-maligned TV tuner for the PS3 has finally made its way onto our test bench. Is it thumbs up or down?

09 SanDisk Sansa Fuze £70 (4GB)

* * * *

Many may feel the MP3 fight’s over, but Sandisk’s new Sansa offers astonishing value for money

Oregon Scientific has tried to inject a touch of class into the world of weather stations. But is it all style and no substance?

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