Top 10 Gifts under £50 – gadget reviews –

6 12 2009

Gifts under £50

01 Grado iGrado £40.00

Stuff says

Want portable headphones with hi-fi performance for less than a tank of petrol? Say hello to the iGrados

* * * * *

02 Pantone Universe Bag £50.00

* * * * *

Leather satchels not colourful enough for you? This official Pantone bag should dazzle you and get knowing nods from design geeks…

03 Dulux PaintPod £60.00

* * * * *

Dulux PaintPod The good old Dulux dog has come up with an ingenious new gadget for painting walls – a mains-powered, splatter-free paint roller system

04 Philips HD4686 Energy Saver £50.00

* * * * *

Most kettles only have two settings – boiling, and not boiling. But this Philips lets you heat to a specific temperature for the perfect cuppa

05 Magic Box Colombo Two £30.00

* * * *

The Colombo Two is more Kubrick phone than kitchen phone. Is this piece of retro-futurism the first DECT icon?

06 HY Mini Wind Turbine £40.00

* * * *

This mini wind turbine lets you charge your gadgets for free. Does it have gale force charm or muster a disappointing breeze?

07 Pinhead Locking System Pack of four £50

* * * *

Even locked up, chances are some scrote can still steal half of the components off your bicycle. But not with Pinhead…

08 Roberts Robi £50.00

* * * *

Roberts Robi Of the countless accessories that form the iPod economy, DAB radio is one of the rarest. So in a small field, does the Robi come up to scratch?

Most festival attendees have seen their fair share of dark places. Ministry of Sound’s Crash Pad is one they’ll want to revisit

10 Creative Zen Mozaic from £50

* * *

The Zen Mozaic fuses a mad form with some rad functions, but can it do anything to halt the imperial conquest of the iPod?

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