Top 10 Luxury gifts – gadget reviews

6 12 2009

Luxury gifts

01 SIM2 HT5000 £40,000.00

Stuff says

The HT5000 delivers the most staggering picture quality we’ve seen in a projector. Don’t look at the price – look at the pretty picture…

* * * * *

02 Zenith Grande Classe £18,500.00

* * * *

Want a slab of completely cuckoo, rose-gold Swiss self-indulgence on your wrist? Tear this Zenith Grande away from its exhausted watchmaker

03 Alienware Area-51 ALX £3,010.00

* * * *

A quad-core gaming behemoth with every option you could wish for, but the price will bring a tear to your bank balance

04 Eleven Forty Good Vs Evil £14,500.00

* * * *

Eleven Forty’s masterpiece is more a work of art than a foosball table – and you’ll need to have an oligarch’s wallet to go near it

05 Pioneer PDP-LX508D £4,000.00

* * * * *

Team Pioneer’s awesome Kuro technology with a Full HD resolution and what do you get? The best TV in the world…

06 B&O Serenata £1,000.00

* * *

B&O Serenata It may look something from the reject bin of an iPod factory, but the Serenata has got its sights on becoming the oligarch’s music mobile

07 Canon EOS-1DS Mark III £6,000.00

* * * * *

The third EOS-1DS breaks the £6000 barrier and a few preconceptions – it’s a camera for all occasions, not just the studio

08 Arcam Movie Solo £2,000.00

* * * * *

Arcam’s brilliant Solo has evolved into an all-in-one home cinema system that promises separates performance from a slim package. Too good to be true, surely?

09 Fatman iTube Carbon edition £300.00

* * * * *

Our favourite iPod dock, the Fatman iTube, has spawned a none-more-black Carbon Edition – and it’s better than ever

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