Top 10 Mobile World Congress 2009 – gadget reviews

6 12 2009

TOP 10s

Mobile World Congress 2009

01 Sony Ericsson Satio £TBA

Stuff says

Preview: Sony Ericsson’s new 12MP flagship looks odds-on to be crowned King of Camphones. But is it an ‘Idou’ or an ‘I don’t’?

Preview: Other camphones might be engaging in megapixel warfare, but Samsung’s latest has a different weapon – HD video recording…

Preview: Sony Ericsson has bolted an 8MP camera onto a Walkman phone to create the W995. Is it the ultimate all-rounder?

04 Nokia E55 £TBA

Preview: Nokia claims its slim E55 emailer is the ‘world’s thinnest smartphone’. But has it got the muscle to put the frighteners on RIM’s BlackBerry?

Preview: LG’s latest iPhone-wannabe packs a novel 3D interface and a strong set of features. But can it really take the fight to Apple?

06 Nokia N86 £TBA

Preview: Nokia has fashioned its first 8MP camphone. But does it have the firepower to take on Sony Ericsson’s Idou?

Preview: The Garmin-Asus lovechild is finally here. Can it find its way among the smartphone leaders?

Preview: The Blue Earth is made from recycled plastic bottles, has a solar panel on the back and comes with a free pat on the back from Al Gore…

Preview: The sequel to HTC’s flagship portable emailer brings a new angled keyboard and improved screen. Is it the ultimate business phone?

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