Santa Facebook Video Spreads Virus

14 12 2009

Apparently Santa Claus has determined that every user on Facebook is naughty, and for Christmas they are all getting a computer virus as opposed to the traditional lump of coal.

The spammers are at it again on the popular Facebook social network. According to Panda Security, the new computer virus attack involves the posting of a video on a user’s wall posts by ***SantA*** and is suggested to be a Christmas greeting. Once you click on the fake video player (see image below), your computer gets infected with a variant of the Koobface worm, Koobface.GK.

Once a user’s computer is infected, they are presented with a captcha to enter which really creates another domain for the virus to continue its spread.

The holidays have unfortunately become a high traffic time for scams such as this as people are used to seeing unusual greetings on their social networking pages. Sadly you have to be careful of any messages you receive this time of year, so always make sure you really know who they are coming from, but even then that isn’t always safe.


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