Some day my prince will come: Boyle – Yahoo! News UK

18 12 2009

Some day my prince will come: Boyle

Susan Boyle sings, and Simon Cowell and other celebrities sing her praises in a weekend US TV special about the Cinderella story that made her a best-selling recording artist. Skip related content

All that is lacking is a prince, but Boyle says romance has to wait.

“Och, there’s no time for that now. I’m far too busy,” Boyle, 48, said.

“There was a TV company that wanted to set me up with a man. Apparently he was a nice man, but I’ve got my living to do now. I don’t mind being friendly, but no marriage plans as yet.”

I Dreamed a Dream: The Susan Boyle Story, showing at 8pm local time on Sunday on TV Guide Network, details her sudden burst of fame and includes performances by Boyle from her new CD and with Broadway star Elaine Paige, the West End cast of Les Miserables and others.

The hour-long special will also be shown on ITV1 on Sunday.

The Scottish songstress stole the spotlight on Britain’s Got Talent last year, although she lost out on winning the contest.

She has had an at-times bumpy ride, including a brief hospital admission for exhaustion after the show’s season finale.

But her I Dreamed a Dream CD debuted last week at No 1 and her record label, Columbia Records, said that gave her the best first week sales of 2009 and the best-selling album debut by a woman in the Billboard SoundScan era.

In comments released by TV Guide Network and in an email exchange with The Associated Press, Boyle said she was delighting in her unlikely journey from a quiet Scottish villager to a star, but remained unaltered.

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